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Dec 7, 2013 8:00am EST
are not particularly patient in tribulations to use a phrase from john -- who's jfk's but st. paul's first. [laughter] credit the source. but we are not very patient many if tribulation and yet arthur, in writing about andrew jackson, in writing about franklin roosevelt who was seen as really the dan quayle of his time when he ran for vice president -- that's not a good thing -- [laughter] before the polio in 1920, he learned. fdr earned. kennedy, from the moment of the bay of pigs and he reaches out to eisenhower whom they had not, i think it's safe to say, it had not been the warmest of transitions between the two, and yet there's that wonderful pulitzer prize-winning picture of the two men taken from the back as they're walking toward the cabin at camp david after the bay of bay of pigs where kennedy had called the old guy and said, help me, you know? and he was learning. and i would draw a direct line from the bay of pigs to the cuban missile crisis. what did he do? he didn't have a meeting during the bay of pigs, so he had a 13-day meeting in october 1962. arthur understand, i hi because of his
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1